After spending the better half of a decade writing about music-related things for publications like Under The Gun ReviewSubstream MagazineMind Equals Blown, AltPressWhat Culture!, and more, I’ve decided to scale back and use my time to talk about the things I find interesting or noteworthy.

This blog is a culmination of the things I like. Tech, music, film, and how those three things affect us are frequent topics. If that interests you, feel free to subscribe on Twitter, Apple News, or through RSS. You can expect plenty on Star Wars as well.

I have two podcasts currently running. Bantha Fodder, which is a show about Star Wars and co-hosted by Mike Comite of Old Best Friend, and Variable Bitrate, my program about entertainment at large with a heavy focus on music. Each episode of VBR has a special guest that shares a little about themselves and what they are into. If you are interested in sponsorships for either of those programs, let's talk.

My email address is Write me there or fill out the handy form below. You can follow me, Jacob Tender, on Twitter as well. My portfolio is hosted here.

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