This Artist Turned iTunes's Terms and Conditions into a Graphic Novel

From Vice:

Artist Robert Sikoryak is obsessed with transforming works everyone "should" read—from 'Anna Karenina' to 'War and Peace'—into digestible graphic novels. Now he's turned his attention to iTunes's terms and conditions contract, giving it a voice through characters like Dilbert, Snoopy, and Homer Simpson.

Few have read the terms and conditions to anything. This comic book doesn't look to change that fact. In Sikoryak's unauthorized adaptation, it merely highlights it with a variety of drawing styles to keep the reader turning pages.

Conor Grebel's Master Sky concept

Conor Grebel/Bedtimes ||  Master Sky

Conor Grebel/Bedtimes || Master Sky

As I've been reading through the Star Wars: Ralph McQuarrie archives these past few weeks, I feel as if I've been sucked back in to the space concept art black hole that consumed much of my young life. Conor Grebel is a photographer, illustrator, and animator known simply as Bedtimes. One of their more recent works is Master Sky, a study in space that captures the 60s and 70s retro-futuristic feel that I really appreciate.


Master sky is the space that exceeds our earthly atmosphere, the endless black that we gaze up at for a sense of perspective, humility, and creatively challenging thought. These frames are an expression of my mind pointing upwards, imagining the countless sights our race will never see, and happily chasing the answers that I will never know.

Check out Master Sky and more of Grebel's personal projects on their website.

An Illustrator Drawing A New 'Star Wars' Cartoon Every Day This Year

Darth Days

Colin Campbell, Polygon:

[Gerard] Folz says he plans to draw and release a cartoon-panel illustration based on the original Star Wars movie, every day this year. “In anticipation of #StarWarsEpisodeVII I’m going to turn one #StarWars scene a day into a comic panel,” he tweeted.

I love projects like these. You can follow Folz on Twitter here.

In anticipation of #StarWarsEpisodeVII I’m going to turn one #StarWars scene a day into a comic panel! Here’s 1/365

— Gerard Folz (@GeorgeJurard) January 1, 2015

In anticipation of #StarWarsEpisodeVII I’m going to turn one #StarWars scene a day into a comic panel! Here’s 2/365

— Gerard Folz (@GeorgeJurard) January 4, 2015

Almost caught up posting my #StarWars panels thus far. Here’s 3/365– a meditation on those quiet Tatooine sunsets…

— Gerard Folz (@GeorgeJurard) January 4, 2015

A few people have brought it to my attention that I forgot to post my 4th of 365 #StarWars#darthdays. This is that!

— Gerard Folz (@GeorgeJurard) January 6, 2015

Panel 5/365 for #darthdays, my year-long project in which I turn a #StarWars scene a day into comics panels

— Gerard Folz (@GeorgeJurard) January 5, 2015

Don’t forget to look through the Mos Eisley My Favorite project I told you about in December.