Amazon Smile Redirect Extensions

Surely, if you’re a dedicated Amazon user, you’ve seen advertised or used Amazon Smile, the Foundation that donates 0.5% of the purchase price to a charity of your choice with every transaction. I’ve been a Amazon Prime member for almost 5 years and an Amazon Smile user for 3. In those years only 8 of what is probably hundreds of transactions have counted towards Amazon Smile. Why? My blasted memory.

The catch to this wonderful Amazon service is that your browser must be directed to for the purchase to count. When you click a link from a Google search or shop from the app, is the default, making it difficult to really make use of what the foundation is offering. There are solutions for absent-minded yet conscientious people like me though. To start, there is a bookmarklet that you can add, but you still have to remember to click it and then search for what you wanted. Amazon offers a more advanced assistant that will redirect you to Amazon Smile but this won’t help with links or Google searches. It’s not a bad tool for the frequent Amazon shopper, but you still have to remember it's there.

After a bit of searching, I’ve found browser extensions for each of the three primary browsers that simply redirect any link heading to to without any further input nescessary. To start, I recommend making sure you’re logged in to Amazon Smile, then follow the directions for each extension below.

Smile Always for Google Chrome

After waffling between Safari and Chrome again last year, I ended up in Google’s playpen once more. The best option for Amazon Smile redirects here is Smile Always by Josh Haimson and Dan Elitzer. Simply install the extension from the Chrome Web Store and you’re good to go.

KeepOnSmiling for Safari

Inspired by Smile Always, Craig S. Bosma created a similar plugin for Safari users with the same goal in mind. KeepOnSmiling is a small plugin that avoids the annoying page reloads of similar Safari extensions in just three lines of Javascript.

To install, visit Craig’s github and download the folder and proceed with the following directions.

  1. Go to Safari->Preferences->Advanced
  2. Check “Show Develop menu in menu bar”
  3. Go to Safari->Show Extension Builder
  4. Click on the “+” on bottom left and choose “Add Extension…”
  5. Choose the KeepOnSmiling.safariextension folder which you download from GitHub.
  6. Choose “Install”

Smile Redirect for Firefox

This add-on for Mozilla’s browser is as simple and direct as the name. Download T. Scott Barnes’ extension from Mozilla’s add-on directory and you’re ready to go.

If you don’t have a charity in mind, but like the idea of donating through your purchases at Amazon, consider donating to HHT Foundation International Inc. as I do. This mission of this foundation is to find a cure for Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia while saving the lives and improving the well-being of individuals and families affected by HHT. I chose this foundation before losing a friend to HHT a few years ago. More information about the disease and the foundation can be found here.

VBR #15: 'It's Hard For Helpers', with guest Sheridan Allen

Just when I think the podcast is becoming easier to produce on a weekly basis, it isn't. In actuality, this episode was very easy to produce. It has the shortest run time, has one of the best speakers I've interviewed to date, and took almost no time to edit. Still, between bachelor parties and hauling a washer and dryer out of a dead woman's home and into mine, I had little for time or energy to get this one done on time.

Like I said in my conversation with Ian Baldwin a few weeks ago, keep uploading. Being a day late won't discourage me from keeping on with this thing, tough as it may be some weeks.

This was a great episode. It was easy to edit, because there was nothing to edit out. It was all great conversation with a passionate and positive force in our scene. Punk Talks is a great organization that has done good that I can actually see. Despite their name, they are more than just talk. They really do make a difference.

Episode Summary:

Sheridan Allen runs Punk Talks, an organization that advocates for better mental health in the music industry. We discuss Sheridan's decision to become a social worker for a living and using her passion to better the music scene she so desperately wanted to be a part of.

Find the show on Twitter and on iTunes. If you'd like to sponsor the show, drop me a line here.

Not Safe To Drink: Music for Flint Water Relief

Like many, I've been woefully behind on the events happening in Flint, Michigan. I'm just a state over, but only recently heard about the awful situation those in Flint are dealing with regarding the complete contamination of their water supply due to shady politics and neglect.

To help with the fallout and continued needs of the community, friends and colleagues James Shotwell and Jono Diener have put together a charity compilation called Not Safe To Drink with contributions from musicians near and far from ground zero of the issue. The compilation is up for pre-order now with 37 songs listed so far, with more to come. On a recent episode of the Inside Music Podcast, James and Jono said that there will be near 60 tracks when everything comes together.

The minimum donation is $5, but I implore anyone who goes in to go above and beyond the bottom line. This is a serious situation with terrible repercussions for Flint's impoverished, underprivileged, and youth especially.

Some artists contributing to the compilation are Craig Owens, Taking Back Sunday, Anti-Flag, We Came As Romans, Pentimento, The Heartless Breakers, and more. A full, frequently updating list is available on the pre-order page on Bandcamp.

The Orphan, The Poet - "Renegades" (X Ambassadors Cover)

TOTP Hope For A Day

My friends in The Orphan, The Poet have teamed up with the wonderful folks at Hope For The Day to raise awareness for suicide prevention, a cause close to my heart.

Anyone who donates here will recieve a download of their X Ambassadors “Renegades” cover. Please do what you can to support a worthy cause.