Squid The Whale Reunites For Bled Fest

Old Squid The Whale Pic

My favorite band of musicians and friends broke up in 2013. Squid the Whale was the first band I put my all into promoting that gave me anything back. They gave me premieres, interviews, and acoustic sessions for every project I’ve been involved in. They drove 4.5 hours from Michigan to Southern Ohio for a 1 hour recording session for a school project of mine. They were the first band to take me on tour. They broke up after that very tour and left me with a whole bunch of memories and just a few unreleased songs.

Now they’re back.

Squid The Whale are playing Bled Fest in June this year and yes, Bradley is singing.

UPDATE: I reached out to the band and Daniel Jay will not be joining the reunion. They are trying out a few friends to fill in for the performance.

When asked about anything beyond that, drummer Jon Wagoner said, “We’ll see. Bled [Fest] is the focus right now. But you know we’re always writing.”

I reunited with Jon and Bradley last year at the Yellowcard show in Pontiac, MI where Emarosa was opening. Everybody was on good terms. It was nice to spend time with the two of them again. Jon and Brandon haven’t stopped writing since Four More and have some cool stuff demoed out. I heard a track or two a few years back that I liked, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they had the foundation of a record written. I certainly hope so. Even if touring is an unrealistic expectation, a new record (a full length one) would be plenty good enough for me.

2015, year of the Squid?