This Artist Turned iTunes's Terms and Conditions into a Graphic Novel

From Vice:

Artist Robert Sikoryak is obsessed with transforming works everyone "should" read—from 'Anna Karenina' to 'War and Peace'—into digestible graphic novels. Now he's turned his attention to iTunes's terms and conditions contract, giving it a voice through characters like Dilbert, Snoopy, and Homer Simpson.

Few have read the terms and conditions to anything. This comic book doesn't look to change that fact. In Sikoryak's unauthorized adaptation, it merely highlights it with a variety of drawing styles to keep the reader turning pages.

WTG #022: Apple Music

I'm back again on Welcome To Geekdom to talk about Apple Music, the streaming service I use to access the rarites and unstreamables that were formally found only on my external hard drive.

I've been playing around in the Apple Music ecosystem quite a bit, so if you use Apple Music and want to learn a little more about the more advanced capabilities of iCloud Music Library, maybe this will teach you a thing or two.

Jacob Tender returns to talk about the complex features of Apple Music.

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