David Lowery Q&A on Letterboxd

Directory David Lowery is promoting his new film The Old Man & the Gun, which has been getting great reviews. In the process however, he is beginning to realize that maybe it’s his last one that he will be remembered for.

“I’m doing a lot of press for The Old Man & the Gun right now and going to a lot of screenings, and the common refrain is ‘The Old Man & the Gun’s great but, man, A Ghost Story is something else!” And I’ve become aware that that might be the movie that defines me more than any other and that’s fine because it’s the movie I’m the most proud of. I certainly know that it has struck a chord.”

A Ghost Story affected me more than any other film last year—including CoCo. I still think about it often. It’s a completely unique film experience that I’m actually scared to revisit. Equally frightening is this quote, which got me thinking about creatives who create their finest work and live to experience it.

David Lowery will hopefully continue to make great films (he’s adapting Peter Pan for Disney next), but how does knowing that his best work is potentially behind him affect his ambition?

Lowry also gave Letterboxd a short list of his favorite ghost films that I found interesting.

Encore 141: Hobbies, Work, and Everything Between

First time on Encore, the Chorus.fm podcast. Thomas can no longer commit to a steady podcasting schedule, so Jason has been asking some folks to fill in as guests. I was happy to oblige.

On this week’s episode of Encore I am joined by special guest Jacob Tender. This week we discuss AbsolutePunk.net, SpinMedia, UnderTheGun and a lot of behind the scenes chaos that plagued the music web community over the past few years. Then we move into a discussion about creating things and the balance between hobbies, work, and everything between. We look at what it’s like to create things, when to know if they’ve failed, and why it is we both feel a need to create and put things out into the world. There’s also talk about the new MacBooks with Touchbar, some thoughts on AirPods, as well as collecting media and how we track what we listen to, read, and watch.

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