Neill Blomkamp to Direct New 'Alien' Movie for 20th Century Fox

Neill Blomkamp's Weyland Corporation

That’s it, the Internet has done it again. The Alien movie treatment District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp was working on has been picked up by 20th Century Fox.

Last month, Blomkamp came online with new Instagram and Twitter accounts to share concept art from a film he had been working on in Ridley Scott’s Alien universe. The web naturally took it upon themselves to assign the project plenty of hype.

The Wrap reports that this Alien movie will take place after Prometheus 2. That puts this somewhere before the first Alien film and makes the plot of the not-quite-existent script interesting. It was widely reported that Blomkamp has been talking to and would like the original quadrilogy’s heroine Sigorney Weaver to take part in the production of his feature. However, if the movie takes place before the events of the Nostromo, I don’t see how she could possibly be a member of the cast. Still, I think her insight to the universe could be vastly influential.[1]

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Prometheus 2 is currently in development with Ridley Scott in the director’s chair once again. The Wrap also says Scott will be producing Blomkamp’s feature.

From top to bottom, I can’t find a single thing worrying or wrong about this production. I trust Blomkamp will take his expertese in cybernetics and grimey, futuristic landscape design and apply that to the universe I’ve loved for so long. A more perfect match couldn’t be made.

  1. Nobody knows those xenomorphic bitches better than Ripley.  ↩

The director of District 9 reveals concept images from his secret Alien movie project

Neill Blomkamp Alien Art

**UPDATE: **Blomkamp’s Alien movie is a GO

“Woulda rocked,” Blomkamp writes. “Was a mental stroll into the world Ridley Scott created.” An unverified Twitter account linked to Blomkamp elaborates, writing, “I just feel like I might do something else instead.” The good news for anyone hoping to see this movie made is that Blomkamp isn’t stopping because the studio made him — in fact, he doesn’t even think the studio knew he was working on it. And as he tells one commenter on Instagram: “Fox never said no.”

There seems to be a new trend with unfinished film projects. Share the dead ideas until the fans strong-arm the studios into a budget. It worked for Deadpool after the test footage was leaked. Now it could be happening again for an Alien reboot film by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp.

I love Blomkamp’s work. I’ve poured hours into tracking down the short films, clips, and tests he did before District 9. His style is immediately recognizable and his stories always pack a punch. His most recent film, Chappie, is on it’s way to theaters in March. I’m as excited to see that as anything he has or will ever do. It’s set once again in South Africa, a territory Blomkamp calls home in the real world and in the worlds he creates.

Yesterday, the filmmaker took us inside a different world. The world created by Ridley Scott and James Cameron. The world of Alien and Aliens

The project was so secretive, not even Fox knew about it. So this probably never an official thing. The concept art shows a new look at what could (and probably should) have happened after Cameron’s installment in the series. Hicks and Ripley survive, get fitted with some cool new biotech, and fight more Xenomorphs in terrifyingly beautiful environments. I get “passion project” vibes here.

The photos posted on Instagram are collected here on The Verge. Well worth a look. Maybe, with enough interest, we’ll be lucky enough to see this movie come to life.