Sponsored: Win A Macbook Pro From The Next Web

TNW Macbook Pro

The team at The Next Web Deals want to hook you up with a 13 inch Macbook Pro (Retina). Here are the specs:

Does your current computer have you feeling down in the dumps? Feel like you need a boost?

Don’t sweat it, because we have the juice – a free 13 inch Macbook Pro (Retina) with a 2.6GHz Dual-core i5, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of Flash storage. Now that’s a beast.

Entering is easy, visit the link, and rack up entries by using your email on signup and sharing with your friends and family.

Official Giveaway End Date: 11:59pm (PST) on 3/18/15

Blogging app Desk is half off in the Mac App Store

Desk App

You can get John Saddington’s blogging application Desk for half the price for a limited time. Selected as a part of the Mac App Store’s Get Productive collection, Desk is only 14.99 right now.

Desk works with Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger, Movable Type, Squarespace, Typepad, and more.

I suggest you grab it.

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Humble Doctor Who Audiobook Bundle

Humble Bundle:

Humble Bundle strikes again with an incredible collection of Doctor Who audio adventures. For $15, you can get the following recordings.

  • Dalek Empire 1.1-1.4
  • Dalek Empire 2.1-2.4
  • Dalek Empire 3.1-3.6 (Featuring David Tennant)
  • The Stageplays 1-3 (Featuring Colin Baker)
  • The Lost Stories 1.1-1.8 (Featuring Colin Baker)

Don’t wait. At time of writing, there’s just 1 day and 17 hours to grab it.

Dark Horse Star Wars Farewell Mega Bundle

Dark Horse comics:

The end of an era closes. We say a fond farewell to Star Wars. The wookies will be missed and bounty hunters will be sad. But take heart young jedi, for these last few days you can seal in carbonite the entire Dark Horse digital library of Star Wars. Get every comic, every panel, every battle in perfect digital format in your collection. Access via the cloud city when ever you want. Many of these comics may never see the force again, or print. Get 20 years of Star Wars comic history at a once in a lifetime price.

After two decades of claim to the Star Wars name, Dark Horse has relinquished the Disney brand to Marvel, another Disney brand. To celebrate Star Wars’ life there and to say a proper goodbye, Dark Horse is selling the ENTIRE Star Wars digital comic collection for $300.

The collection spans 20 years and contains 568 titles. Any titles purchased before the new year will remain available in buyers’ collections.

If there are just a few Star Wars comics that strike your fancy, Dark Horse is also offering 50% off all titles in the series.