Runaway Brother has a music video for 'Catch'

Image via AV Club

Image via AV Club

I don't know it's a matter of being speechless or simply running out of things to say but—like I've said for almost 5 years—Runaway Brother is the best band in Cleveland. It's not just a matter of hometown pride either. Tiny Engines gets it and that's why RB is on their already killer roster.

Catch the band's latest video below. I think this might be one of their most accessible tracks; one that really encapsulates a lot about what makes them so great. Personal yet witty wordplay run over cheery guitar leads and the dance-worthy nature that coursese through most of the band's greatest hits (They've had a lot already, trust me). The video too shows a side of these guys I've seen many many times—a group of fast friends honestly enjoying themselves and the music they make.

Good Lord, I love this band.

Punchline wants to know how you sleep

Chris Payne, Billboard:

Punchline has never been a household name, but for the Pittsburgh band, it’s not for lack of effort.

They emerged with the powerhouse label Fueled By Ramen in the mid-2000s, and never quite caught on like some of their peers. Since then, they’ve refused to go quietly.

I find it amazing that Punchline has remained a band as long as they have. That is to say, they've had plenty of time to call it quits and go their seperate ways amidst drastic changes to the music scene they've long called home. Instead, they've evolved. Steve and Chris continue to roll with the tides while creating increasingly better music along the way. The two singles for Thrilled they've released thus far are prime examples of that.

I'm very much looking forward to hearing this record, out December 4 on InVogue Records. Preorders are up now, including a boatload of merch with an aesthetic as equally pleasing as the accompanying music.

American Opera releases music video for "Jack Pine"

Our good friend John Bee is on the Vans Warped Tour all summer, playing daily sets as American Opera at the Acoustic Basement stage.

One of the songs he is performing every day is “Jack Pine,” a single from his forthcoming album. The music video for the song was animated by John Howe.

I just love this moon.

Jack Pine American Opera Moon by John Howe

American Opera has released everything he’s done so far on a great CD package from my friends at Antique Records. You can grab copies on Warped all summer long. I encourage it.