Hello, what's this you're reading? This is is the one sheet for those interested in contributing to a magazine made purely by Frank Ocean fans. Below are the rules for submission and a FAQ section that should give you an idea of what we're doing here.


What kind of magazine is this?
This is a fan-zine of sorts inspired by Boys Don't Cry, Frank Ocean's publication that accompanied Blonde in August 2016. The mag is currently untitled.

Who is making the magazine?
The magazine is being organized by a small group of Frank Ocean fans from the r/FrankOcean subreddit across several continents. Content is coming in from dozens of contributors all over the globe.

Does the magazine have a theme?
No, the magazine does not have a theme per-se. The finished product will be a representation of the group's creative diversity curated and formatted by the layout and editorial team.

What sort of content are you looking for?
Photography, creative writing, poetry, or anything else that you think would be interesting to contribute. There are no promises that your work will be featured, but we encourage you to submit your best work. The work you are most proud of.

What is the submission deadline?
The submission deadline was August 5th. Stay tuned for updates.

Will the magazine be available in print?
The plan currently is to assemble a digital-only copy of Issue 1. We will investigate printing opportunities after that.

Will there be a cost for Issue 1?
Depending on the scale of the finished product, the magazine may be available for sale at cost.

I'm experienced in magazine layout and graphic design. How do I help?
If you have actual experience in this field, please email us with your credentials/portfolio.

I want to contribute something. How do I get involved?
Submissions are now closed. We've got a lot of great work to sift through. Stay tuned!

If you have any further questions about the project, you can join us in our WhatsApp chat or email us.