00: 'There IS Going To Be A Record', with guest John Bazley


In this, the pilot episode of Variable Bitrate, host Jacob Tender is joined by John Bazley (owner of Why Bother Records and writer for Under The Gun Review) to talk about what's currently good in the world of alternative music. Hey, let's give this a shot.


The show this week is sponsored by Epitaph Records. Saosin's new album Along The Shadow is available now. Use code 'VBRPOD' to get 15% off of your order at MerchDirect.com on select Epitaph Records merchandise.

Just kidding, this is a pilot episode and a test run of a sponsorship read. If you'd like to actually sponsor the show, you can do so here. Thanks!

Show Notes:

The show's theme song is "Pretty Sure" by Old Best Friend. Find Variable Bitrate on Facebook and Twitter too.